A few of our satisfied customers.

When you click through to any of the clients in the list, the page will be displayed using the custom theme designed for them. (A few of the sites are in HTML and will not reflect the design of the target site, but you can visit the site.)

Quarry Hills Animal Hospital

Quarry Hills Animal Hospital is a located in Braintree, Massachusetts and have been on a Drupal platform for over eight years. The site is a Base Package with a couple of extras, like multiple galleries and a virtual tour of the office.

Outrageous Results Skin Spa

Outrageous Results Skin Spa is located in Spokane, Washington. This is another example of a Base Package, with extras. The extra in this case is a custom Appointment Form.

This site is themed using Fresh, a contributed theme from the Drupal projects pages.

Foreign Protestants

This is a very complex website built using a variety of contributed modules and a few custom modules. The site is a portal to information about the migration of the Foreign Protestants into Canada during the early days of settlement. It is a mixture of genealogy, family photos, ebooks, and maps. The focus of the site is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and the landmarks and heritage sites that are located there.

Lost Myths Ink

Lost Myths Ink is devoted to the writings of Debora Elizabeth Hill and Sandra Brandenburg. You will find samples of their novels and screen plays and Debora's blog.

Handyman Oahu

Handyman Oahu has been running on Drupal for 7-1/2 years, with the Base Package and a couple of add-ons:

  • Multiple image lightbox pages
  • Testimonials